What are you looking for in a Summer Horsemanship Camp?

Camp is a wonderful place to be in the Summer!   And being at a Horsemanship camp is even better!   This guide is designed to point you at some options to help with your selection of a summer riding camp.

This Month's 5 Featured
North-Eastern Camps offering Horsemanship Programs

SJ Riding Camp    -    http://www.SJRidingCamp.com
        For Girls Ages 8 to 15
        Ride twice a day.  General Camping, Horsemanship, Swimming Program  and more!   
        American Camp Association Accredited
        and  Certified Horsemanship Association Accredited

        Located in Connecticut,  Visit our website for more information.
        Directors Pat Haines and Julie Morton. 

Camp Farwell -    http://www.farwell.com
       For Girls -  located in Vermont on a beautiful lakeside setting,
        Sports, performing arts, waterfront, arts & crafts, photography, petting zoo, and more!
        Accredited by the American Camp Association
        Owners Bob and Charyl Hanson, have been directing Camp Farwell for over 30 years.
        Visit our website for more information.  Call 802-429-2244     
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Forrestel Farm - Riding and Sports Camp    -    http://www.forrestel.com/
        Co-ed For Boys and Girls ages 7 to 16
        Located on an 800 Acre Working Farm in Medina NY (western NY state)
        Mary Herbert, Owner and Director
        Call 585-798-222 for details      
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Camp Killooleet  - Sports & Riding Camp   -    http://www.killooleet.com
       Co-ed summer camp for boys and girls ages 9 - 14,    Sports and Riding Programs
       Located on 300 acres and private lake next to Green Mountain National Forest in Hancock, Vermont.  
       American Camp Association Accredited
       Founded in 1927, Killooleet's owned and directed by the Seeger Family (for almost sixty years)
       Call  802-767-3152 for more information, or visit the camp's web site...
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Kimberly Farms Horse Camp   -  http://www.kimberlyfarms.org
For girls ages 7-17, all riding levels,  there is an option where you can bring your own horse. Located in North Bennington,  Vermont (in the rolling hills of the Green Mountains), 
Ride twice per day, swim, hike, arts and crafts, daily horse clinics.   All instructors are certified.  RN on premises, home cooked meals, in operation for 25 years. 
Call 802-442-5454  or  s
ee the website for more details
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              Have a good summer!