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This site is a effort at helping folks find a summer horsemanship camp and is maintained as an information site by Camp Catherine Capers!

More and more during the past months, we have been recieving calls and inquiries on our camp webform, by those who are looking for a camp this summer.   So, we had the idea to put up a help site for those who are interested in finding a program that fits their summer plans.   Our effort here on this site, is not that old and we have more camps looking to be listed.  However, we still do not know if this is something that is a needed service, so we are trying to think of a way to move forward with this and welcome any ideas.

If you are looking for a camp today, and have questions, then, as an option for now, you can call Audrey at the contact phone number for:


With Audrey's many years of experience operating a Vermont Horsemanship Camp for Girls she might have an idea what you would be looking for, or at least be able to give you a hint at a place to start...!  

Otherwise, one of the Association's mentioned below all have web sites that might be of help.    

Audrey served for many years on the national board of the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association)!  She was active since the days of the association's birth as the Camp Horsemanship Association.  And while on the CHA board, watched it mature into the edcuation and certification program that it is today!  The CHA continues to this day to be an organization that has succeeded in the establishment of a national and internationally reconized standard for horsemanship instruction via the CHA certification system.  Every year, the Camp Catherine Capers passed the American Camp Association's two year "ACA Standards" inspection and certification process (passing the latest 2 year standards inspection visit this past summer)!   Of note, the book of published ACA standards is a few inches thick!   Audrey has been very active with the Vermont Camp Association, and was on the board of the New England Camp Association.

Notice to Riding/Horsemanship Camps with Certified Programs... If you are a camp that would like to be listed here, then please contact Audrey (via the information on the Camp Catherine Capers site)!


Concerning this new web site, as a start, over time, we are interested in looking into finding out what camps, if any, would give us permission to be listed on these pages.  If this idea grows, then it might be a wonderful resource for those interested in some help with locating a "riding/horsemanship focused" summer camp in the future.

Hopefully, maybe in a few weeks, or in a month or two (and in the years to come)  this site will be more developed, we shall see! 


Camp Catherine Capers

Note:  we can be contacted thru the existing Camp Catherine Capers web site that will be kept in place as a place where the camp alumni can find (in order to be able to contact us)!